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Try for your text documents!

As Times go by

In the early 1990s Tempus Word was developed for the Atari. In 2003 former employees and users found together, to exceed the life cycle of the product by using an emulator.

In spite of the fact, that some of the features of Tempus-Word are still outstanding with today´s point of view: it is a program developed for GEM an therefore it represents a foreign body on newer operating systems. I new development for those OS has to face the fact of enormous costs for that and the acknowledgement, that the world has rotated over the years and new products were born, for example Libre- or OpenOffice, and several other more or less specialized software solutions, where Tempus-Word would need to find its place between.

This ist the reason, because "current version 5.40" very likely will be the last version of Tempus-Word. We have to advice against buying it as a new customer on this behave. Updates are only of interest to former users who need to preserve existing documents in their original printing. The trial version offered here, allows to export existing documents as an RTF file. Special properties will be lost, but you will save the content for further processing.

Norbert Simon, November 2013


  • … with extensive texts the operating speed decreases rapidly.
  • … various „embarassing functions” should not be used, to avoid endangering the result of your work.
  • … the longer your text the more unstable the program becomes.
  • … program enhancements often require an update of the operating system as well, which then requires computer upgrades. These updates are too expensive for the small amount of new functions.
  • … software support requires an expensive service contract.

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