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Menu Fonts - Load

In this dialog you can assign fonts to Tempus-Word NG. You can combine fonts in font families, Tempus-Word NG will then use them automatically in the expected manner. Usually a font family contains different font faces such as normal, italic, bold and capital. Using pixel fonts all sizes of a font family are gathered together in one family name. Tempus-Word NG chooses the best matching one from the list, or calculates - taking the closest one - the desired size(1).

Make sure that you have installed the fonts you wish to use in your system (Windows, Mac) or copy them into the TW_CHSET folder (ATARI). You must have administrator rights on Windows machines for copying fonts to the font folder! Usually Speedo fonts will be installed automatically on Windows and Mac. However, sometimes it fails with particular fonts.

Note: Do not mix different font types (pixel, vector) in one font family. This will lead to unpredictable results.



Select the type of font you want to combine in a font family. True Type fonts are found as "Speedo" (standard name for them with NVDI).


Choose the first font for the family in the list on the left and press Create.


Start with the basic font of a font family. This avoids name conflicts and allocation problems with different font faces.


Assign a Name in the Create Font Entry dialog. The name should describe the family without pointing to certain characteristics, like size or style:

Sample: Family Arial contains the font faces Arial, Arial Italic, Arial Bold and Arial Caps.
Family Times Pixel contains the font faces Times08, Times08I, Times08K, Times08B,Times10, Times10I, Times10K, Times10B, Times12, Times12I, Times12K, Times12B,Times14, Times14I, Times14K, Times14B, Times18, Times18I, Times18K, Times18B

Choose a matching characteristic (italic, bold, caps) for the added font.


If the default point size (pixel fonts only) does not match the current font, set it to the correct size. This is the information that Tempus-Word refers to when choosing the desired size.


With vector fonts Tempus-Word suggests the Standard allocation. This is the assigning of characters to your keyboard. This is best for most fonts. Only with special fonts (symbols, technical fonts) it might be best to uncheck this option. However, you must check this for yourself.


With the Add button you can assign available fonts in the list to existing font families. Assigned fonts disappear from the list.


Always check the characteristics (bold, italic, caps, size) of added fonts.


Repeat the previous steps until the font list in the Assign fonts dialog is empty.

(1) Current laser and inkjet printers usually print up to 600 DPI. The out-dated pixel fonts usually are available up to 360 DPI. Because of this results do not reach today´s standards. Tempus-Word NG still supports these fonts to easily access old documents created with pixel fonts without changing their appearance.


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