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Unzipping archives for Tempus-Word
using FILZIP

Updates and documents are offered as zip archives. If you do not possess a suitable program for unpacking this type of archive, we recommend FILZIP by Philipp Engel (www.filzip.com). After you have installed the freeware program and assigned ZIP files to it (start it after installation and follow the dialogs), you can pack and unpack zip archives. Other tools for packing or unpacking zip archives work in a similar way.

Move the desired archive to the same directory that contains your Tempus-Word installation.

If your folder is not called TWORD, you can choose the desired destination in Filzip. (Right click menu - Extract To...)

Right click on the archive, choose "Filzip" in the menu and "Extract here" in the submenu.

Files with the same or an earlier date are queried before overwriting. If you wish, you may make a choice for each individual file.


Backup your Tempus-Word folder or specific folders before updating your installation. This is the only way to recover personal files if you updated them accidentally. Your personal files (documents, databases, etc.) are not touched during an update, even with a full version update. If you did not change the basic folder structure then all files will be found in their intended places.


Manual Update

You may copy your files into any folder by double clicking on an archive and selecting the button "Extract".

In the ensuing dialog you can select the desired folder to unpack the archive to. If your personal Tempus-Word installation is not found in a folder named TWORD, you must copy or move the extracted files from the newly created folder TWORD into the appropriate folders of your installation.

Unpacking single files

Filzip displays the contents of an opened archive in a similar way to Windows Explorer. You can drag single files from this view directly into any Explorer folder.


With Filzip you can easily create a backup of your Tempus-Word installation. Right click on your TWORD folder and create a zip archive "tword.zip" in the same path , with the submenu entries of Filzip.

Filzip offers a online help in English for further details.

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