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General Notes

Tempus-Word's reaction speed depends considerably on the hardware used. Under Windows these requirements are quite modest: even on a computer with 300 MHz and 64 MB memory you can work easily and efficiently. The standard installation occupies scarcely 5 MB on a non-removable disk.

Important: Documents that were provided with Tempus-Word 4.x cannot be read by Tempus-Word NG. The installation package contains a converter for these files. Please consider the hints in the file URGENT.TWD.

If you need to report an error, please send an E-Mail to the development team. Please examine the contents of your Tempus-Word NG for a file "TWCORE.DAT". If present it contains important notes for error tracking. Attach this file - if available - to your E-Mail.

Up To Date program versions

These pages alway contains the most recent versions of Tempus-Word NG as full install/update versions for Windows and TOS.

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