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Why you should buy a license

The license regulations of Tempus-Word are consciously simple; we trust in honest customers and do not want to complicate your life with difficult security systems.

It is understandable that you would like to test a software package before you invest. Therefore we offer minimum limited demo versions for testing under both Windows and TOS.

If you use Tempus-Word NG regularly, possibly on several machines (with only one license?), you should consider that Tempus-Word NG is the product of human work. As you expect to be paid for your work, the humans who are behind Tempus-Word NG also expect to be remunerated for theirs.

If you do not get paid for your work, what then? Exactly: you look for something new. For Tempus-Word NG this would mean no more updates, no more support, no more information, no more development.

It´s up to you, what´s what happens with Tempus-Word NG.

Usage of a Tempus-Word NG License

You can use TWord NG like a book: only one person can read it at a time. You may install several copies of TWord NG on different computers. The only restriction is that with a single license only one person can use Tempus-Word NG at the same time.

You do have a License for Tempus-Word NG 5.x ?

In front...

Urgent recommendation: Create backups of your Tempus-Word program directory, before you install an update. Changes in the dictionaries or the keyboard table can be overwritten by the update. If you possess a backup, these files can be recovered manually to the same conditions previously defined by you.

New Install / Update

All required files are packed in our install packages. They are suitable for initial install as well as for updating an existing installation. The download page offers always the most recent program versions.

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