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Buy Tempus-Word with student discount!

The Tempus Word Project supports students with a discount 50% off. This applies to any purchase, full versions an updates as well.
You can not take out another discount (i.e. voucher for survey participation) - either/or...

Please download first the current demo version of Tempus-Word. You can convert this version with the license file into a full version.

Our software offers take place under the condition that its suitability for use is subject to prior examination.


What you have to do…

  1. A scan of you student/disciple card is required as scan. It must apparently show the validity and the Daraus muss der location of your college/school. Please note, that the file must be less than 200k; use JPEG/GIF-compression or ZIP the file.
  2. Every order needs a recent version of your ID card.
  3. Fill out the following form and select the path to the image file of your student card.
  4. Send the form.
  5. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with additional informations.

Tempus-Word for Students/Disciples

Address: *

First name: *
Surname: *
Road/No.: *
Postal zip code: *
Town: *
Country: *
Telephone: *

    New License for Tempus-Word NG 5
New purchase for TOS(50 €)
New purchase for Windows (70 €)²

For updates, the former serial number is required:
Student Card: *

Please add a scan of your student/disciple card. File must be less than 200k!

Payment: Transfer (EU only) PayPal

For "Transfer" we will send you detailed banking informations and a trial lisence. The final lisence ist sent after credit advice.
For "PayPal" we will send a link. As soon as you finished your PayPal transaction, you will receive your final lisence.
Please note: In serveral contries PayPal supports transfer of money. This might be easier and cheaper as the usual way, you bank may choose.


If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 10 minutes after dispatch, the E-Mail address indicated was wrong! If this is the case, please, repeat your order.

*Obligatatory fields

²Windows version is bundled with a run-time version of ST-Emulator.

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