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Tempus-Word User Survey

For taking part in this survery you will get a voucher to the value of 15 € for the purchase or an update of Tempus-Word NG. One voucher per participant will be sent to the specified E-mail address. Your E-mail address will be used exclusively for the dispatch of the voucher and will not be stored (unless you wish to subscribe to the Newsletter).

Your E-mail address*:    
How did you come to hear about the Tempus-Word Projekt?*  
By chance Forum message (namely in )
S.A.V.E. Internet page (namely )
Altkunde CCD Search machine (Search term: )
Friends Other:
Did you know Tempus-Word previously*?   Yes No
Under which basic operating system have you tried TW? (Multiple choices are allowed)  
Windows (Runtime)
With TOS-emulation/Operating system:

What do you consider important for a text processor?

Please weight this from “Very important” to “Fairly unimportant”.

< < > > Rather
Working speed
Easy and fast to learn
Appealing “look”
As many functions as possible
Flexible macro recorder
Compact installation
Crash-resistance (data backup if required)
Good handling of long text documents
Low hardware demands (“old hardware” usable)
Supplementary tools (e.g. calendar, database,...)
Comprehensive import and export formats
Keyboard control (“working without a mouse”)
Fast online spellcheck
Hardware-independent WYSIWYG
DTP functions (e.g. frame layout)
Export-capable graphics (original images can be extracted again)
Flexible footnote, chapter- and end-note functions
Flexible table of contents functions
Functions for cross-reference links in the text
Special print functions (e.g. book layout printing)
Assignable tab rulers (comparable to paragraph formats)

Have we forgotten something in the listing? *
What then is very important to you?

Please be fairly descriptive (“Layout, because...”)

Please sort the following function/themes into your personal “hitlist” by assigning position numbers from 1 to 12:  
First rate RTF import and export
First rate HTML export
First rate PDF export
Format features (“paragraph formats” for words)
Flexible frame functions for tables and paragraphs
Flexible database and circular letter functions
Search/Replace of formats, markings, etc.
Assistance (step-by-step operation) for the more complex functions
Adaptation of appearance and operation to Windows MacOS Linux
Spreadsheet functions
Graphic import/export/conversion/editing of TIFF/JPG/PNG/GIF

Improvement of the function

Please name the function and describe your wishes for improvements!

Which tasks would you like to perfom with Tempus-Word?  
Write books (or long documents)
Create newspapers/periodicals
Invoices / Order forms
Circular letters
  Your individual requirement:

What do you value most in Tempus-Word?*


Please describe this in a little more detail (in the form “Layout, because...”)

What don't you like at all in Tempus-Word?*


Please be as descriptive as you can here too...



“Discard” clears all inputs (which means starting anew). “Submit” passes your entered data to the Tempus-Word Projekt team. You will then receive by E-mail your purchase voucher within a maximum of 3 working days, sent to the E-mail address you have specified.

*Compulsory field
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