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Unzipping archives for Tempus-Word

Updates and documentation are offered as zip archives. We recommend the program UNZIP.TTP from the ZIP 2.3 utility that we can make available with the friendly permission of Philipp Donze (http://philippdonze.atari.org), to unpack archives (unpacks itself with a double click into the current folder) as a direct download:

Download ZIP23.TOS

In this package you will find a guide to its operation as well as the program ZIP.TTP, which allows the creation of backups!

Copy archives and UNZIP.TTP to the same directory that contains your Tempus-Word installation folder.

If your folder for Tempus-Word is not called TWORD, the files will be unpacked into a folder with this name. In this case you will have to move them by hand to the appropriate place of your installation.

Drag the archive onto UNZIP.TTP and release the mouse button.

In order to update all files you must enter a capital "A".

Existing files are overwritten (e.g. changed dictionaries!). Always make backups before updating Tempus-Word, in order to be able to repair your individual files!

The archive is unpacked.

If you did not alter the basic folder structure settings, the files are unpacked into their intended places.

Manual Update

Implement the described operations in any folder. A TWORD folder is created, containing the changed files in the basic folder structure.

You can easily copy or move them to the approbriate places of your personal installation.

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