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Last Update: 04/13/2004 | Imprint

Hardware independent WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)

Tempus-Word NG calculates during printing the best result that can be achieved with the currently available hardware. It will never change text formatting, page breaks or whatever. The text will be placed onto the paper just like the way you see it on the screen and it is not transformed in any way by changing the printer driver. You see the difference?

Background Information: Most common text processors try to compromise between graphics card, printer, screen resolution, and more. Opening a document always forces a reformatting of the text. If you are working on a huge document, i.e. with more than 500 pages, this may change the page count from 556 to 562 or 523. Neither result is acceptable, because your manually coded page breaks and finely controlled positioning of images, text, and so on is destroyed.

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