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Huge Documents - Who Cares?

Tempus-Word NG uses a generally different data structure than other text processing applications. Because of this, Tempus-Word NG can handle documents with more than 1000 pages with almost the same speed that it does with one with ten pages. The number of pages and speed are only limited by the available memory and processor speed. To achieve good results, you should use an ATARI with minimum 8 MB memory and 16 MHz, PC with 300 MHz and 64 MB, or comparable Mac. If you want to use huge dictionaries or many images, more memory is always useful.

If you smile about these requirements, reading this on your 3 MHz 1GB memory machine: please remember those who are working in places running old PCs, with no chance of updating their software, because there is not enough money to also buy the new hardware and operating system that the software update requires. We do not believe that this has to be a must for a text processor.

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