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Real Time Typing Control

If Tempus-Word NG encounters a typing error you will not be bothered by red wavey lines: if there is only one option to correct the word this correction is done directly for you. If there are more spelling possibilities you can choose one, or - last option - you can directly add the new word to one of the (up to nine simultaneously used) dictionaries. Automatic correction of transposed, missing, mis-typed, superfluous and capital/lowercase initial letters will improve your typing speed tremendously. You do not need to go back, click on a marked word, select a possibility and replace the correction by hand. With Tempus-Word NG it is done automatically while you are typing the next word.

Sometimes it might be necessary to work without these helpful functions. In this case you can check the text of a document with a post-processing correction, based on huge word lists and algorithms, collected and refined over the years for the best correction results with maximum speed.

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