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Last Update: 04/13/2004 | Imprint

Integrated Database

The plain-looking Tempus-Word NG database reveals its power on huge data files that can be searched, sorted and filtered by operators. With an integrated mask generator you can create your own databases. This integration gives easy access to database content any time when working with documents. This simplifies serial letters, bills, or fast access to head words or background information gathered in a personal database.

“On the fly” you can switch between databases, start queries, add, delete and modify entries and create a new database. Because the database corresponds directly to the field functions of Tempus-Word NG, there is no need to take recourse to an external database system or configure a complex transfer protocol before the first data can be in your documents. You can take the current selection of a database with one click directly into the current document and all without any fields or whatever.

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