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Tempus-Word NG usually includes images using a link to the original file. This preserves all options for later modifications to the original data with an application of your choice. If necessary you can embed the original file (!) into the document, for example to ease transport. You can extract the original data from the document at any time for post processing or for use in another context with no loss of quality. If you need a single graphic more than once in one document, you can alter size, resolution, etc. in every place as needed with one basic file that is never changed by Tempus-Word NG.

If you integrate this basic file into the document it is loaded only once. This saves memory and prevents the mis-matching of colours, contents, and do on that may happen if you have to create different graphics for (i.e.) black&white, grey-scale, coloured display or different resolutions from one basic file. And if you change this file in one place, all instances in the document are updated directly without time-consuming exchange operations.

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