Tips & Tricks

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"Tips & Tricks" corresponds contentwise to the status of 12.30.2007


If TW is used together with the JIT compiler, you must use version 6.10, dated 04/15/1999, so, the last available update has to be installed. This version is shown at start and does not correspond to the ATARI OS version number in MagiC, which is currently 6.20.

If you are using previous versions you must deactivate the JIT compiler, otherwise you will get permanent drop-outs.

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Atari STE

If TW crashes, deactivate the TW file selector. We are investigating why this happens.

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The manuals are looking quite ugly - there are fonts missing!

The manuals use two specially created fonts (N-Signs & N-Tasten). They have a huge influence in the layout and presentation of the documents. You will find these fonts on the Documents download page. Please note that these fonts must be installed (Windows) and - eventually - must be assigned.

If ARIAL is missing: If your operating system does not offer the primary font (Arial) used in the document, choose an alternative like Helvetica, Officina, AgroSans, etc. and reformat the document (usually done automatically by TW in this case).

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Deletion of a font does not succeed

If you want to delete a font from the font list, it might be that you will not succeed. The reason is quite simple: the font is used by one of the currently loaded documents! Close all documents and try again; this will definitely work.

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I want to delete a reference but it is invisible!

You have set the parameters of this reference group to "Numbering - none". To remove the reference, activate any numbering for this reference group in the Parameters dialog. Now the reference is visible and you can delete it. If you know the reference to the left side of the cursor (see note in the Info bar!), you may delete it by pressing DELETE.

Be careful: if there are links to the reference, TW will warn; if you delete it anyway, all links to it will be deleted as well!

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Contents sometimes show irritating numbers

If footnotes or reference points are placed in headers, in previous versions of TW it could happen that these numbers where shown unformatted within the contents list. To solve this easily, update to a version > 5.1.

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Contents shows ? instead of numbers!

If you delete a header that was referenced in the contents, TW shows this missing with a ? instead of the page number in real-time. New/deleted headers will be reorganized by calling Text - Contents - Create. The question marks are indicators for missing (deleted) headers.

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Text flows over the frames while typing!

Congratulations! You are a very fast writer. TW is forced to handle everything done by the author with the highest priority. This can cause delay of paragraph formatting. As soon as you break from typing, TW rebreaks the paragraph. But there is much more: You may only see that the paragraph now looks fine; in the background, TW has done ALL page-breaks, references, links, page numbers, footnotes, contents, index (updating of all numbers), etc. This is the reason why TW sometimes seems to be a little behind; if you stop typing, the text is really up to date!

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Header/Footer display only on one page!

TW ALWAYS uses a left and a right page in its layout, even if the layout on both sides does not differ. Therefore you must define a header/footer line for both layout sides. It does not take any time or trouble to realize different lines for the fronts and backs of a document.

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After a chapter page numbering "jumps"!

If you insert a page number that is not zero in the page layout dialog, this value is the first page number for the first page you use in the layout. If you have placed a new layout together with a new chapter in your document, check the page number entry and reset it to zero.

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After opening a document, I have wrong graphics!

TW uses an improved search technique for finding linked graphics, so-called "deep search". Please check that files with the same filename are available if you have moved your graphic files into another folder but in the search path of TW (Menu Extra - Sys params - Sys path) . If the original files are not found in the original place, TW tries to locate them and may use files that have the same name but different content instead, if the original ones (filesize, date, etc.) are not found.

To prevent this effect, you may integrate graphics into your document.

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Is it possible to speed up block marking?

With older hardware and long documents it may take a long and boring time to mark a block using the mouse, if the block is bigger than a few paragraphs. But it is quite simple to speed up this job:

Place the cursor on the desired start and move with the vertical scroll bar to the place where you want to end your block. Keep SHIFT pressed while clicking on the desired end. The block is marked, avoiding your machine from carrying out the slow, real-time operations for scrolling, inverting, and so on.