Frequently Asked Questions

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The FaQ is a translation of the German FaQ, dated 12.30.2007


What distinguishes Tempus-Word from other word processors?

Tempus-Word is specially designed for editing large texts with many cross-references, foot/chapter and endnotes. With illustrated documents beyond 250 pages Tempus-Word really gets going; while other systems drop in speed or have problems with correct pagination, Tempus-Word remains constantly fast, even if there are more than 1500 pages in the end. This does not require the use of a high performance computer. Even on hardware on which current Windows programs cannot be started, it is possible to work efficiently and professionally in large texts at breathtaking speed with a TOS emulator and Tempus-Word.

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Can I create tables?

Tempus-Word NG 5 has an extensive table function. This function goes beyond the conventional creation of columns and rows with various lines. Each individual cell represents a complete text element in itself, which, like the actual main text, can be edited without restrictions using all available formatting options.

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Can I use footnotes, chapter notes and endnotes in one document at the same time?

In very many text systems, you have to choose: Chapter notes or Endnotes. Tempus Word is different: All variants can be used in one document, i.e. footnotes, chapter notes and endnotes can be created side by side without any problems. Furthermore, it is possible to convert the different variants into each other at any time, e.g. a footnote can be converted into a chapter or endnote - just click on it, define a new type - done. This works in all directions and as often as you like.

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How do I create alternating headers that always have the contents of the last heading?

There are special variables for this in Tempus-Word. These are assigned the displayed heading in the main text and the header then displays the text appropriately. This works absolutely reliable, even if the text is changed or reformatted later. Even when changing chapters, this function does not let itself be upset.

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Can I automate workflows?

A macro recorder can "record" a task. The recorded sequence can then be called up at any time by keyboard shortcuts. Tempus-Word distinguishes between permanent and "ad hoc" macros. Permanent macros are stored in a file and are available at any time. Ad Hoc macros can be recorded quickly to automate the work for a one-time action. However, they are not saved. This makes it much easier to keep order in the list of macros.

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What are "text blocks"?

Text blocks are text blocks of any size that are assigned to a text sequence. As soon as this text sequence is entered, Tempus Word automatically ensures that the text sequence is replaced by the defined text block. Thus during writing - without further action - "mfg" becomes -> "Yours sincerely". It is also possible to create an abbreviation "bestellformular1", which is then expanded into a complete document with images, tables and other content. For constantly needed text modules, so-called "floskeltasten" can be defined. This allows a text module to be inserted directly at the cursor position at any time without input. For the definition you only have to know how to mark a text block. Then assign a shortcut name and from now on this block can be inserted as often as desired in all Tempus Word documents.

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Can I create forms and calculate in the text?

There are several field functions available in Tempus-Word. This makes it easy to create forms. Depending on the task assigned to a field, calculations are automatically performed, certain text is displayed or hidden, content from the database is inserted, etc.

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What about modules like Formula Pi and Write & Flip?

Formula Pi and Write & Flip were developed by a free programmer and distributed by CCD. Therefore both modules could not be adapted to the new internal structures. Therefore it is not possible to use these modules in Tempus-Word NG. For Formula Pi there is another problem: Because the use of Calamus fonts is no longer possible for licensing reasons, the formulas could not be generated at all, because Formula Pi uses Calamus fonts for this. So at the moment this means the end for these modules.

Tip: It is inconvenient, but possibly a way out: You can continue to generate the graphics with your "old" Tempus Word version and the existing modules and then use them in texts of the new version.

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Tempus-Word has its own high performance database. You can create any database you like. The data contained in them can be transferred directly into your documents in different variations. At any time you can easily access all existing databases via a selection selector and use the contents. An integrated mask generator makes it easy to create your own databases.

The operation is designed in such a way that you do not need to have database knowledge or programming skills to get the most out of the database module. And even if there are really a lot of data records, Tempus-Word will not stumble.

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Why does Tempus-Word need the calendar and the appointment management?

Tempus-Word doesn't really need either, but you might. Because it is quite convenient to have everything under control with the start of a single program: Birthdays, business appointments, whatever. In addition, print jobs can be created in advance. The calendar ensures that the document is printed on time. There is hardly a better reminder than a finished piece of paper. Especially if you don't have to worry about it, but know already when you write down your notes: The note won't get lost, because it won't come out of the printer until I need it!

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I would like to calculate like in a spreadsheet. Is that possible?

Kind of yes and kind of no. Calculating like in a spreadsheet is possible. However, you have to take care of the fields needed for calculating yourself. This may sound like a lot of work. But it is not. In many cases, a spreadsheet consists of relatively few cells in which actual calculations are made. The majority of the spreadsheet consists of descriptive text or design elements. For this you sometimes have to make quite an effort until it looks the way you want it to.

So Tempus-Word NG goes the opposite way: Design the document and place the calculating fields where they are needed. Appropriate automatisms support you in this. In many cases this is probably much faster and easier than dealing with a huge table of which only 10 fields are really needed for calculation.

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File formats

Can old documents of Tempus-Word program versions 1.00 to 2.92 be loaded into Tempus-Word NG 5?

Of course. However, due to higher internal computational accuracy and true kerning, it may be necessary to re-wrap the documents. Depending on the layout, it may be necessary to rework the page breaks afterwards. However, this work is only required the first time a document is loaded into the new version. Afterwards you can work with Tempus-Word as usual.

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Can documents be imported from other word processors?

Tempus-Word supports the RTF format. All common text systems can handle this format. Simply save the existing text in RTF format and import it with Tempus-Word. Unfortunately, the RTF format is standardized only in its core. What is commonly called "WYSIWYG" (What you see is what you get - "looks like printed later") cannot be transported in this format, because every program has its own strategies to display the text. Thus, depending on the complexity of the source text, more or less post-processing work may be required.

Some word processors also use their own control commands for certain formatting tasks. Although these commands are stored in RTF format, they may not be understood by other programs - including Tempus-Word.

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Can color graphics be processed?

Currently color formats in X-IMG, TIFF and GIF format with up to 24-bit color depth are directly supported.

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Update and service

How much does the update to the current program version cost?

You can find the exact details in the download section.

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Which program versions of Tempus-Word are updateable?

All program versions ever delivered by CCD, regardless of version number or version (junior, student, pro) can be upgraded to Tempus-Word NG via "Crossgrade". There is a separate page for this.

Is there support for the program?

Users of Tempus-Word can access support via e-mail. As long as the effort is within reasonable limits, this support is even free of charge. In addition, there is a user forum for registered users, where Tempus-Word users can exchange information with each other.

The forum has been discontinued..