Tempus-Word License

Created: 06.10.2021  Reading Time 1 - 2 Min.

The program version offered here is fully functional - except for mirrored "a" when printing with it.

You have Tempus Word x.xx from CCD?

of Tempus-Word with your serial number (can be found in the info dialog; menu T_WORD, the only entry, top right or on the program disk)

This update is **free of charge

You will receive a license key by e-mail, which turns the demo version of Tempus-Word into a full version.

I don't have an Atari or TOS emulation and don't know my serial number!

Send us a copy of the original disk (there is usually a serial number on it though) or a proof of purchase. If you have neither one nor the other,
; we will then try to determine your serial number.

I never had a license!

Well, even then you can have one - if you absolutely want to.
. Depending on your bid, we will then contact you.